Vision statement

Open BibleVision Statement and Future Directions
The Forest Hill congregation is a community in which people seek to reflect the love, care and grace of God, as we learn, share our faith, care for each other, serve the wider community and seek to live faithfully and with real joy.
We affirm our mission is:
* to nurture the faith of those members of our faith community through
– worship
– learning/study/growth opportunities
– caring for one another (pastoral care)
*  to share our faith with those outside our faith community and encourage those who are new/enquirers/seekers through
– being open, welcoming and accepting
– providing opportunities for all age groups to participate in congregational initiated
– sharing our experience of the transforming power of the gospel
-to be responsive to the needs of people within our wider community through an ongoing commitment to supportive networks
*  to balance spiritual pursuits with action, being aware of and responsive to the needs/ situations of people beyond our wider community, and pursuing social justice as an ex- pression of our hope of realising a better world, through participation in activities of the Uniting Church and the wider Christian Church
*  to seek God’s vision for the Uniting Church in this area, as a part of the Canterbury Road Community of Congregations, always being open to the challenges of new ideas, change
and the effective use of our resources.