Worship services


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The following are services for all venues of Whitehorse Uniting Church:
Sunday      26 March 23   –            Together @ 10 am                                                 Forest Hill 
 Palm Sunday   2 April   –           Together @10  am                                                       Mitcham
  Maundy Thursday, 6 April  – Together  @7 pm                                                 Mitcham 
   Good Friday, 7 April  –        Together @ 10am                                                           Forest Hill
   Easter  –  9 April            –            Together @ 10am                                                 Nunawading
    Easter 2  –  16 April     –        Together @ 10am                                                      Forest Hill    
    Easter 3  –  23 April     –       Together @ 10am                                                               Mitcham        

Monthly Communion Service at 2pm on the 4th Thursday of the month – next service will be at Forest Hill on 23 March, 2023.

Revs Peter Cannon and Rev. Tina Lindon Ng   are the current ministers at Forest Hill venue of the Whitehorse Uniting Church.  They are also the current ministers for the other Whitehorse venues –  Blackburn North/Nunawading and Mountview (Mitcham)

 Check out  our Worship Resources page for our current on-line sermons and You Tube Worship services.